Our products – Sületlenségek

Our products – Sületlenségek

SÜLETLENSÉGEK – Life Kitchen’s packed, raw vegan delights: savoury crackers, pretzels, ischler, linzer, sweet biscuits, bonbons etc. Our selection contains raw vegan products without any refined or animal sourced ingredients (except honey). We use grains in their sprouted form and on a very low quantity. We neither use any conservatives, artificial additives or flavor enhancers. Instead of refined sugar we prefer fresh or dried fruits, honey or coconut sugar as a sweetener. Therefore diabetics are supposed to consume our products in a limited quantity. Gluten sensitives should be aware that certain treats contain sprouted grains. This information is indicated on the packages.  Our ingredients originate from our own or other chemical-free farming or controlled ecological agricultures.

There is a reason for being so many allergics on sugar, gluten and dairy products: non allergics also should pay attention on these ingredients‘ consumption.
Most of our products though are suitable for  diabetics, gluten-, dairy- or egg- allergics as well.
We have started producing ‚Sületlenségek‘ as we believe that some treats and culinary delights should be accepted and part of a healthy, conscious lifestyle and we wish to share these joyful moments and flavors with everyone.
Our secrets are: special technics, excellent ingredients and delicate choice of flavors. And lot’s of Love!
Where to buy?
If you are living or visiting Hungary, Budapest, our raw vegan treats can be ordered from us or available in organic shops and cafés. See the list here!

If you are living in Hungary, check our webshop for deliveries in Hungary.


If you are living abroad, you still can get our raw vegan goods directly from us!

Check out our webshop on ETSY!

ÉletKonyha nyers vegán termékek

We also take order for our special (raw vegan) cakes, send a request for the list via email!

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