Event catering

Event catering


We create quality, plant-based meals nourished by the combination of our passion, creativity and love of life.

Whether it is a FAMILY EVENT such as birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding or just a weekend picnic, party with friends or CORPORATE events, our plant-based, living meals will energize you and bring a decent experience.

LifeKitchen caters high profile events annually, ranging from sustainable events, to a gourmet meal for 100 people.


(Services in Budapest and in the countryside)

Standing and seated receptions

Corporate events

Health Day program and corporate wellness classes (workshop, all-day buffet, etc.)

Professional events and conferences

Sport events

Family days

Outdoor events


Appointment on-site catering for small groups (up to 10 people at one table, separate tables up to 20 people)


Calls for partnerships for organizing events focus on healthy diet and lifestyle

We offer consultancy with individuals or businesses that wish to design contemporary kitchens with sustainability and health in mind.

We offer work with companies that wish to design contemporary culinary programs with sustainability and health in mind, such as hospitals, schools and private businesses.

You can learn more about our KITCHEN here.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on our services, please email us at info@eletkonyha.hu

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