Our Kitchen

In Life Kitchen the food is prepared with a special care, preferably with ingredients from our own garden. First of all we use organic ingredients. We chose a delicate peparational method which means that we never heat anything over 41°C. In this way every food can keep their precious enzymes and other nutritions beside the flavours and fragrants. That makes our kitchen alive.

We offer vegan food as we do not use any animal based products (except honey). The value preserving effect of vegan food on our environment is undisputed.

Our coffee and tea selection originates from fair trade sources.

Food is more than „fuel”. Beside the fact that it nourishes and keeps us alive it builds community, which plays fundamental role in humans’ life. The family and friend gatherings or business meetings alway end up at the table. For this reason we consider that our conscious lifestyle shouldn’t be set aside, and at any festives we could enjoy healthy options without any remorse.